Sunday, April 03, 2005

Calling All Mac Gamers!

Show 11 is in the oven, kids! So, wash your hands and get ready for a healthy serving of game-talk as Hank and I scroll back the pages to the very beginning of arcade gaming. For those of you too young to know what an arcade is, look it up in a dictionary and you should see a picture of Chris with all of his hair wrestling with a joystick while a crowd of teenagers eggs him on. Those were the glory days, before Playstation, X-Box and Nintendo. All you needed was a roll of quarters and a ride from your Mom to whatever mall had the latest and greatest games, from Battle Zone (pictured below) to Defender.

Bored reading this? Then you might want to skip Show 11, because it is all about games on the Mac. From Marathon to Myst, Hank and I lovingly tell middle-aged tales of a healthy and sometimes marriage-threatening obsession...Mac Gaming.

If you were a Marathon, Myst or Quake 3: Arena player, or, if you were ever fragged silly by "Humiliation Returnz", drop us an e-mail so we can read it on an upcoming show. Simply click on the "Show Comments E-mail" link on the right of this page and share your thoughts on any of these games.

Look for Show 11 to be posted within 24 hours.

Thanks for listening.
Chris (My Mac Guy...a.k.a. Humiliation Returnz)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pathways into Darkness taught me how to to 'Command-Tab' like a rattle-snake. Still use that shortcut to this day...

4:57 AM  
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