Saturday, May 28, 2005

The Fans Speak!

If an iPod loses its charge in the woods, will anybody know it? I have no idea, but I do know that somebody seems to be listening to our little show. As the counter passed the 4000 mark sometime last night, I thought it might be time to share some of what you, the fans, have been saying about the show.

As always, Hank and I would like to express our thanks to our fans around the world. Big shout out to Canada and the UK, where a recent batch of loyal listeners have let it be known that they like what we're doing. That's good enough for us.

Thanks again, and keep on listening...and writing.

Chris and Hank

The comments:

If I had to choose one program to listen to on the subject, I'd select these guys. They're down to earth, admit it when they don't understand something (believe me, this is a critical trait in a tech support person) and always leave me with some useful information.
Sumbitted by Alan T.@...


Your show is like NPR's Car Guys but for the Mac. I've just subscribed and have listened to all of your shows in just the past few days, so now I'm up-to-date (and just a wee bit saturated...). Actually, I listened to them all backwards, from newest to oldest; like listening to Quantum Radio where time doesn't necessarily flow forwards.
Thanks again - Can't wait for Sunday!

Submitted by Antonio@...

Real Peeps
I'm an on-site tech support guy (pc) and these guys are fine teachers while remaining accessible and entertianing. If you're considering switching to Mac or are a Mac Guy or Gal yourself, you need this podcast. Listen and dig their helpful groove.
Submitted By: decaturcomp@...

Loved the show! I listened to My Mac Guys for the first time, and thoroughly enjoyed the show. I like the format of two pals just chatting it up about whatever Mac topics come to mind. They're funny, candid, and informative at the same time. Kudos.
Submitted By: peter@...

I enjoy this show because they MyMacGuys sound like guys I would hang with and stuff I would talk about.
Submitted By: javabean252@...

Must listen to for all Mac owners and want to be's, since audio issues have been adressed
Submitted By: Junkmailboy@...

This is the first pod cast that I have ever actively looked forward too. Monday mornings are just not the same unless my drive to work is not accompanied by Chris and Hank. Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: ts_marsh@... best!
Submitted By: Joli78@... (on 4-2005)

Hank and Chris are high-end Mac experts. Their broadcasts hold your interest and it is refreshing to have a website available to Mac users. I will be tuning in often to further my knowledge as a Mac enthusiast. Keep up the fine work.
Submitted By: nbnjr@... (on 3-2005)


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