Monday, May 02, 2005

Send Us Some Love...Vote!

Hey, all you My Mac Fans out there. We really appreciate all the fan mail and e-mail you have been sending myself and Hank. It makes what we're doing feel relevant. As Captain of PR here at My Mac Guys, I am asking you to register your vote if you have a moment. In order for us to reach our untapped audience and take over the world, we need to attract new podcast listeners. Currently, the only way is to be seen on directory lists. That's how I have found many of the podcasts we recommend. If I didn't see a list, I wouldn't know where to begin. To that end, votes seem to make the difference between being listed # 3789 and # 48. So, I'm asking (since Hank won't)...if you like the show, take a second to fill in the vote form on the right of this page. Most of the comments have been read on the show, both positive and negative. Hey, if public television has fundraisers, why shouldn't we have voteraisers?

Thanks for your support...and keep on listening.
Chris (MyMacGuy)


Blogger alan said...

Yo, a podcast alley vote is precious perhaps, but you (pl) just got mine, along with this comment:

Real Peeps

I'm an on-site tech support guy (pc) and these guys are fine teachers while remaining accessible and entertianing. If you're considering switching to Mac or are a Mac Guy or Gal yourself, you need this podcast. Listen and dig their helpful groove.


2:44 PM  

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