Saturday, June 18, 2005

Texas Or Bust!

Self Portrait, Big Bend, Texas

Hit the road a few days back, headed for Alpine, Texas, for a summer job, which for the time being is under wraps. Midway through Arizona, I dropped my transmission going 85 in my '91 Explorer. That left me unable to downshift for 265 miles until I managed to weave in and out of semi-rigs and come sputtering to a stop in front of the El Paso Ford dealership. A cool 2100 dollars later, I am told that my SUV will still need a week or more in the shop. Apparently, parts for a '91 trannie are not laying around the shop.

Monument to the American Vehicle, El Paso, Texas

All was not lost. Thanks to something call The Camper Network, I picked up their wireless signal in a Denny's restaurant and was able to send this update.

Denny's, somewhere in Texas

After swapping trucks for a Chevy Blazer, I was able to stop from time to time, as I rolled into Texas. Nothing but open highway and 103 degree weather.

Closed For Business, Marfa, Texas

And now, a little worn out, a little hungry, I check in to The Holland Hotel, built in 1912, and set my mind to thinking about the summer ahead, about my family in Los Angeles holding down the fort, and my buddy Hank in Vancouver. It's going be a long hot summer, but thanks to my Powerbook G4, I'll stay in touch with my family, my friends, and of course, our fans.

Thanks for listening...

Holland Hotel, Alpine, Texas


Anonymous Ma Bell said...

Ran across this when googling something else. I'm a denizen of Alpine, Texas and a life-of-the-Mac fan, so it really caught my eye. I recently went to Scotland with a small iBook for transmitting back to the folks at home. Often we had no wifi, but once we hit upon a place in tiny town of Strathyre, called the Monroe Inn. We went in, found a whole room in the bar-restaurant full of NEW Macs. We hung out in another wifi spot near the fireplace, ate scones and drank coffee. Great music too. What a find!! I have photo of the beautiful building if you want it.

7:13 AM  
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