Sunday, July 03, 2005

iTunes 4.9 Endorses Podcasting!

It's official! Podcasting takes one step closer to the mainstream with the introduction of iTunes 4.9 and its built-in podcast aggregate. Now users of iTunes can easily search for and subscribe to literally thousands of available podcasts, including our very own My Mac Guys podcast. My hope is that this will lead a new batch of listeners our way, including some curious PC users via the Windows version of iTunes.

What does this change for Hank and I? Nothing, really. We'll continue to do the show we have been doing, that is, when we both land in Los Angeles at the same time. Hank has mentioned a record-on-the-road scheme, but frankly, I don't have much more time than it takes me to write these updates. For now, fans will have to listen to the first batch of 21 shows and spread the word that there is a laid-back and eclectic Mac show there for the downloading.

Will My Mac Guys make the Top 100 iTunes List. Well, that's up to you. Only time will tell.

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