Tuesday, November 15, 2005

MyMacGuys Spotted in NYC and LA!

The View From My Office

Update: Hank and Chris are indeed planning to continue the podcast. As we have said all along, our jobs have taken us out of the podcast loop, but only temporarily. We are planning a "Special Broadcast" to be announced in a few days which promises to kick off a stellar 2006 MyMacGuys year. It might be the biggest, grandest podcast to date and I hope the loyal fans will accept these next shows as an apology for our lengthy absence.

Check back here in the next week or two for the announcement.

Thanks For Listening!

Hank and Chris


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Blogger interactivehank said...

I see that Chris beat me to the punch.

Great things are a brewin' for our fans and ourselves.

Hank--check back soon.

9:30 PM  
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Great to hear your coming back!!!! these 24 shows are getting worn out

11:57 PM  
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