Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Show 1: Notes

Our first Show!

Introduction of My Mac Guys Podcast
What is Skype?
Hank's Rant: Radio Shows Dictating URL's
Chris' Rant: Jeff Levy says "It's simple...not"
Web Highlight: Doctor Mac Direct
My Mac Guy Plug
Happy Mac Plug

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Show 2: Notes

Show Two, they keep getting better!

Wireless Networks
Chris' Clogged Network Theory: Flush The Toilet
Hank's Network Tricks
Hank on Bit Torrent and Live Music Recordings
Mac Rewind: Supra 14.4 modems, E-World (a.k.a. Ghostworld)

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Show 3: Notes

Show Three

Heavy Skyping
Hank's Sister Leaves a Message
Tales From The Mac
Podcast Of The Week: Vinylpodcast
NoteTaker by AquaMinds Software

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Show 4: Notes

Show Four, All the way!

Ebay You Say?
First Skype Call...Not
Podcast of the Week: ApplePhones.com
Chris Prematurely Ends The Show

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Show 5: Notes

Show Five, The Interview

Special Guest: Cody Hanson: Host of Vinylpodcast
In depth interview with Cody
Podcast Shows: How Much is Too Much?
Cody's First Vinyl Record

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Show 6: Notes

Show Six

The Back-up Show

The Lost Show 5
Tossing Your Zips
Podcast of The Week: One Minute Tip
Hank Abandons Snapz Pro
Liverpool Don's e-mail

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Show 7: Notes

Show Seven, looking good.

What is a Leslie Organ?
Blowing off Skypers
My Mac Guys: How Did We Get Here?
Silver Surfer
Wireless iPods
Podcast of The Week: Podquiz
Shareware of the Week: Onyx

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Show 8: Notes

Show Eight, Eight is great!

The Great Debate: Chris vs. Hank on Cleaning Up The Language
Kids and The Mac
Interview with Jack (Age 3)
Maya Ragazzo (age 10) troubleshoots the Wireless Network
Macs off-limits at Chris' house
Bumper Car Browser
Kids GoGoGo
All Things Harry Potter
Mail from Chris' Mother-In-Law
Hank's Apology To Mama Ragazzo

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