Monday, March 28, 2005

Back From Taos, New Mexico

I feel like a father who has neglected his baby. In my case, the baby is our little podcast. I thought about it while I was away enjoying the fresh powder of the Taos Ski Valley. I thought about it while I was out shooting time-exposures of Taos in the middle of the night, and when I was sitting on an airplane surrounded by no less than 5 iPods, laughing aloud as I listened to Hank and I debate iPhoto vs. Photoshop. (Hank, I think I won that one :) )

But now I'm back, and having fought off a flu that threatened to stall the family vacation, I feel renewed and ready to dive into our next shows. We have some ideas that make my Firewires glow just thinking about them, like the "All Marathon Tribute Show", for any of you who ever played Bungie's Marathon Trilogy, this is a must-download show.

Hank and I plan to blow the geek alarms off their anchors on this one. We were what you might call "heavy-Marathoners", playing well into the night for years on end, and this is our chance to hear from other Marathoner's about their love of the game, and whether or not Halo is in the same class.

We have more cool swag to give away. In fact, there will be an upcoming contest in which we will be giving away some iPod Road Gear for that lucky listener who will follow simple directions to be described in our upcoming broadcasts. More on that as we iron out the details.

However, the biggest thrill of the week was seeing the latest issue of "Wired" on the stands at LAX airport, with the words "podcasting" and "revolution" in the same bi-line, knowing that in some small way, Hank and I were part of it, counter to the 1969 "Life" magazine article on "Woodstock" which I read while eating raw macaroni in my grandmother's living room in the Bronx.

No, this time, we were right in the middle of it, and it felt really good to be reading about something that has been such a kick to produce. Is it a revolution? Hell, I don't know. Is it a hell of a lot of fun? You better believe it.

As for other wild occurrences, I was looking through some old books in my mother-in-laws library, when I unearthed a previously unpublished photo of Ernest Hemingway in 1928.

The picture is in pristine condition, and for a moment I saw dollar signs spinning round in my head, only to find out that it was worth a few hundred dollars. I really thought I had found a gem. So you see, even after the historical photographic collector's market lets you down, I always have our little podacst, and that's good enough for me...

Thanks for listening.