Friday, April 29, 2005

Grrrrr! The Tiger Roars!

There are so many Mac-milestones to choose from, but today ranks up there with pretty damn good days, at least as far as My Mac Guys are concerned. Hank will wait to upgrade until MacFixit tells him it is safe to do so, and Chris will be Tigered out by midnight tonight, after returning from the Apple Store on Third Street Promenade in Los Angeles with a fresh copy of the install.

For those of you in town reading this, Hank and I will be jamming a microphone into the line outside the store, hoping to hear what the Mac Pack has to say about the eagerly anticipated System Upgrade and how they think it will impact their lives, and or, their wives, as marriages all across the nation suffer the "I'll be there in a minute" blues.

So, be on the look out for Chris and Hank around 10:30 tonight at Apple, or Chris going solo to the front of the line at 6PM for that coveted interview with the first guy in line.

Keep listening, and thanks for all the fan mail. You know who you are.

Chris and Hank