Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Welcome Pod Listeners!

We're assuming if you've found your way to My Mac Guys Podcast, then you have either listened to the show, or would like to listen to the show. To that we say, "Welcome".

My name is Chris, and I am one half of My Mac Guys. Hank is the other half, and you can be sure he will speak for himself before the day is done, but I thought I would start by saying how thrilled we are to have started the show, and I look forward to your questions and your suggestions.

Show # 1 was a blast to produce from my garage/office studio. Since we recorded using Apple's Garageband, perhaps it should be renamed "GarageRadioBand". Having been an owner of M-Audio's M-Box and Pro Tools, I have to say that Garageband took a front seat for ease of use. When will all software developers recognize that we don't want to read a single sentence of a manual, ever? That's right. I want to open a program and have it be so stupidly simple that a chimpanzee can start working straight out of the box. Are you listening, Adobe? If you're not careful, iPhoto will steal your thunder in later versions, simply because we can work from the second the digital images are downloaded. But, I digress.

This is supposed to be a welcome mat posting, so let it be just that. Welcome to My Mac Guys!

Thanks for supporting the show.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Send Us Some Love...Vote!

Hey, all you My Mac Fans out there. We really appreciate all the fan mail and e-mail you have been sending myself and Hank. It makes what we're doing feel relevant. As Captain of PR here at My Mac Guys, I am asking you to register your vote if you have a moment. In order for us to reach our untapped audience and take over the world, we need to attract new podcast listeners. Currently, the only way is to be seen on directory lists. That's how I have found many of the podcasts we recommend. If I didn't see a list, I wouldn't know where to begin. To that end, votes seem to make the difference between being listed # 3789 and # 48. So, I'm asking (since Hank won't)...if you like the show, take a second to fill in the vote form on the right of this page. Most of the comments have been read on the show, both positive and negative. Hey, if public television has fundraisers, why shouldn't we have voteraisers?

Thanks for your support...and keep on listening.
Chris (MyMacGuy)

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Tiger Takes A Bite Out Of MyMac Guys

Looks like Tiger has claimed its first victim in the form of ProTools 6.4. The company (DigiDesign) announced that a Tiger compatible version of ProTools should arrive a good six weeks from the date of Tiger's release. It wouldn't make for a good MyMacGuys debate between Hank and Chris, if Chris hadn't jumped into the Tiger cage waving his Software Coupon and receipt at the Tiger, only to be met with a toothy grin as the ProTools icon bounced in the dock like a rent check from a New York junkie on parole.

So what does this mean for our audience of faithful commuters, from L.A. to London? It means, it's a great thing that Chris has four Macs in the house running 10.3. It's a little bit of a hassle, but by the end of the day, I am certain Show 15 will be well on its way to delivery to the iPods of the Planet Earth.

Speaking of iPods, I used mine to record the release of Tiger at the Third Street Promenade, that is before it crashed. Lucky for me, I had a line full of Mac Packers to shout out the hard restart instructions (press the two center buttons for 5 seconds, until you see the Apple icon).

So, aside from the fact that my Verizon DSL is down for over a week now ( just wait for that story Verizon), and that my Protools is leaking code-fluid into my dock, and that Hank is snickering like the Tortoise that he is, at the Hare that I am...I'm in a damn good mood and tripping out over some of the cooler Tiger features. Top of the list...the RSS News Feed ScreenSaver. Check it out if you haven't already, and remember....

Keep on liistening...
Chris (My Mac Guy)