Saturday, June 04, 2005

My Mac Guys Fan Spotlight: Mike LaPlante

A few days ago we recieved a piece of fan mail from Mike Laplante, an auto worker from Ontario, Canada. Here is an edited version:

To My Mac Guys,

I want to let you know that I enjoy your show. I listen pretty much exclusively at work. I am employed by DaimlerChrysler and I help assemble Dodge Caravans, Chrysler Pacificas and Town & Countries at their Windsor Assembly Plant in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

I work on the assembly line and the work can get pretty monotonous, but my iPod has helped me immensely in getting through my work day. Many people here listen to podcasts and audiobooks while they work. I don't think that podcast's popularity is just a result of the media steamroller, but it sure don't hurt. I can't get enough of them...fortunately there is no shortage of quality podcasts out there, and yours is one of them.

Keep up the good work,
Mike LaPlante

So, I wrote Mike back and asked if he wouldn't mind sending in a photo of himself on the assembly line, and he did, but not without considerible risk (read on)....

from a follow-up e-mail, Mike writes:

Please find attached a pic of me and my iPod whilst I toil away on the line. A pic of others on the line would be a bit risky. You see, DCX has a policy about cameras in their plants...they're not allowed. In fact they just updated the policy to include cell phones that are capable of taking pictures. The Camera Policy is now known as the Photo Imaging Policy. The cell phone part of the policy will be somewhat hard to enforce, but if they see me actually pointing a camera at an employee on the line, they can fire me on the spot. Pretty draconian, eh? This picture was taken using a self-timer...not bad I'd say for my first attempt.

Mike LaPlante

Now, what amazes me, is that Mike found our U.S. podcast, downloaded it to listen to while at work, and then took the time to write a letter praising the show after work. Then the guy risks his job by smuggling a camera into a facility to take a shot (at my request) of him listening to the show on the line. If that doesn't warrant a MyMacGuys Fan Spotlight, I don't know what does. All I can is, we couldn't ask for a more enthusiastic fan than we have found in Mike. Hats off to Mike LaPlante (not your hard hat, dude) and keep on listening. It's fans like you that make the whole gig worthwhile.

Thanks again,
Chris and Hank