Saturday, January 07, 2006


OK, enough is enough.

My Mac Guys recorded there first show in 25 years just today. We'll really it was only about six months, but it felt like twenty five years to us and I can only imagine what it felt like to anyone out there hoping one day to see their podcast aggregator joyfully announce the availability of a new show from us, My Mac Guys.

So, Show Twenty Five is almost done and later this evening it will be added to our feed. But that is only the beginning friends.

The big news we have been waiting to announce until we were certain it was going to happen is that My Mac Guys has been invited to take part in MacWorld 2006, San Francisco, like starting in two days!

Chris got an email about a month and a half ago inviting us to take part in the Podcasting Pool at MacWorld 2006. Initially we both were very excited, but knew that our work schedules might not allow for such Mac related frivolity. It was only a few days ago that were able to make it official. And we did. And we are going, and it is going to rock!

My Mac Guys will be podcasting to a live audience at MacWorld on Tuesday the 10th and Wednesday the 11th at 3:30pm. The show will be available in our feed shortly thereafter.

THAT IS FRIGGIN' COOL! I am sorry, but it is.

Come and join us at our first stop to MacWorld and find out what all the hub is about, if there is any hub and get a first hand look at the largest and most humpity dumpity Mac smorgasbord from the Guys that brought you Madame X.


(oh, email any questions you like, and I mean anything at all and we will read them to our audience at MacWorld and respond, I mean if there is actually anybody in the audience.)