Saturday, February 04, 2006

Show 29: The format is back!

Show 29 just went live and I think I have worked most of the bugs of learning how to create "enhanced content" AAC encoded podcasts. Of course the .mp3 version will always be available for listening via this site.

It is a fun show with plenty o' laughter and IMHO brings My Mac Guys right back to where they started, except instead of sitting in Chris' garage we are now sitting on my slightly cozier couch.

OK, you decide and Please, let's us know what you think


Sunday, January 29, 2006

Show 28 Our first enhanced Podcast!

Titled "After the flood" Show 28 unfolds as a clearing house of stuff Chris and Hank wanted to get through the wash before returning to our old show template.

Much discussion, much fun including:

Mimic Guys
Stage Frieght
Was MacWorld 2006 Fun?
iPod Toilet Paper holder
Versiontracker, you are in our sites.
Rhetoric Theater
Feedback makes us happy
Old hardware, New hardware
Corkboard on floppies

But, probably the biggest change is that this is our first "enhanced" podcast, meaning there are some photos tossed in the mix just like Steve Jobs did at the keynote. And guess what, it was just that easy. Garageabnd 3 will certainly get a show of its own here at My Mac Guys.

The files that are downloaded using a podcast aggregator such as itunes 4.9 or later will be encoded in .m4a format in order to take advantage of the "added content features. The files listed here on the site, for listening to right in your web browser will remain in .mp3 format because there appear to be "issues" listening to MPEG-4 content using a web broswer. OK, THAT is enough geek speak for a year of My Mac Guys.

If there are any problems downloading or listening to the show please let us know.

--The Management